Friday, 13 July 2007


Been having loads of visitors, I think there might be more Bennies in Santiago than the Falklands at the moment. It has been great to see everyone, don't think I have ever had this many chicks in my bed.

Mind the heart FFS!


Kerrio said...

Adam... you are a slapper!


Anonymous said...

Adam you old tickery tart - thanks for forgetting I was at the meal at the Brasserie with you. After all this is all about Me not you selfish invalid. kisseys to you and sexy wife. love lisa xxxxx

Becks said...

Christ - thought I had just left a comment - who got that then??
Adam - how can you and Jen make it look like this is all a laugh!? Thinking of you loads and let me know if there;s anything we can do to help. . Girls send their love and there will be a pile of papers painted by Molly waiting for you on your return to Stanley!
Loads of love - thinking of you both. Will stay in touch,
Becks, Molly and Lulu XXXXXX