Saturday, 14 July 2007

New Room!

Woo hoo, been moved to a new room with a view and a load more space.....

The view is stunning and it is great to see the sun again!

So far I don't really know a hell of a lot more, had a long chat with a doc yesterday about what was going on. Basically it looks like I have some sort of electrical defect in the right ventricle. The MRI scan on Tuesday should confirm things and then we will know a bit more about the way forward. The old ticker isn't really working 100% still having quite a few blips although nothing really serious. The really annoying thing is that every time something out of the ordinary happens my monitor beeps, not too bad during the day but annoys the hell out of me at night!

From Jenny: As you can see, the patient is getting a little frustrated (Day 9 in bed) but he is in much better spirits than I would be in his shoes (or nightie)... perhaps the endless supply of pretty nurses is the key.
Debs, Nuala et al were here last week so it was good to be able to have some time out of the hospital with them and with Rosie living in Santiago I have somewhere else to go other than my hotel room. Once the MRI is done we'll know so much more about what's going on... until then it's a waiting game, trying to help Adam avoid going mad through boredom. Hopefully only two days till that's done!

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