Saturday, 28 July 2007


Had another quiet day, doing a bit of walking around to try and build up a tiny bit of fitness. It is amazing how weak the nearly 3 weeks in bed has left me. My leg muscles are stiff as boards this evening, feel like I have run a few miles instead of just bimbling around.

We went to watch the new Harry Potter film (great special effects etc but am I the only one who thinks that the actors playing Hermione and Ron are utter, utter crap?) and when we walked out I looked like an old man, I had stiffened up so much!


Kerrio said...

Just don't over do it!

Haven't seen the Harry Potter film yet, going to wait a couple of weeks until the school-out crowds die down.

Snogs etc


claudy said...

I don't like the HP movies - actors don't look like they should in my imagination! The only movies that have got it right are the Lord of the Rings.

Hope your bubble blows away soon.

love Claudy

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid HP films do not do it for me. Hope all is well with the x-ray today.

Take it easy chey and don't go doing too much.

Jan & Jim xxx

Anonymous said...

"Mary Jesus".....Hurry up and update your site you pricks.....You have us Captivated !!!!

Love from the lift kisser xx