Monday, 23 July 2007

Let's get physical!

Been down to the gym here this afternoon, an amazing facility. They wanted to check out my BP and heart rate while I did some really minor phys. So they hooked me up to a wireless monitor and off we went.

Never had to have any sort of physio before so this may be normal, but I was very impressed with how they took my blood pressure manually while I was still cycling/walking... clever stuff!

It was all at a very leisurely pace, fastish walk and gentle cycle, a bit frustrating and, having been on my back for the best part of two weeks, it was very tempting to crank up the pace a bit and crack on!! They weighed me at the end and it turns out I have lost nearly 5kg since I got to Santiago... 4 days of ayuno to thank for that!

They've got me on a breathing machine to try and help absorb the air bubbles in my chest as well. Basically I have to breath in as hard as I can (till my lungs pop) 10 times in a row.

Paicey and Jenny are drilling me mercilessly on it; they have both sworn not to have any steak 'till I get out and I think they are starting to suffer.


Kerrio said...

Hell of a way to get a gym pass chey!

Anonymous said...

Interesting pose from Paicey, is that what going without steak usually does to him?

Keep pumping out that air bubble!

Love from

Ben & Clare

Kerrio said...

The caption for that last pic... (I'm ignoring the wierd Paicey pose for a moment here).

Has to be.....

"You suck" ?



Anonymous said...

Can't you just poke a hole in your chest and let it out? I have a device for making the hole - a small lead ball - deployed from my rifle. Tom

Anonymous said...

A rendition of "Brown Peaty Water" on the plastic oboe by performed by soloist Adam Cockwell, conducted by Craig Paice.


Sue said...


Anonymous said...

are you sure it's suck and not blow? I always thought you blew bubbles!!!

Whatever! keep doing it til they let you out.

Come home soon
Jan & Jim