Sunday, 22 July 2007

Paice maker!

Bloody hell nearly broke my ticker this morning, was just flicking through the channels trying to find the Grand Prix (I failed) when who should walk in but Paicey! Turns out he has come up for a week to keep Jenny and I company, Somehow he managed to keep it all secret from us, a really nice suprise..... V Well done Corrinne!

P.S. Nuala: Rosie has the boots don't worry.


Anonymous said...

yo!!!!!!!! sooooooo glad that you guys didn't find out!!! I almost let the cat out of the bag sooooo many times, particularly when we were having the conversation about who was going to collect richard from theh airport...i had typed "well if sam can't collect him, I'll hang around and collect him when I drop Craig off "....luckily I had re-read the message before I pressed enter !!!!! Hope all is well.
Smiles all round hopefully. Really hope you get out of there tomorrow and enjoy a steak and some wine!
Lots of Love
Just Corrinne and Archie xxxxxxx

Kerrio said...

Bloody hell how did they manage that? Diddle Telegraph must be broken!

Hugs to all

Sue said...

Awww! Every hopsital bedside should have a smiley little Paicey by it. Can we clone him and export him as our gift to the world?

Awesome to hear you're feeling human again. No playing 'chicken' on those airport detectors now.

Sapphire said...

Keep up the good work.