Thursday, 19 July 2007


Jenny here... Adam has had the op and is sleeping at the moment. I saw the doctor for a few minutes afterwards and he said everything is fine. Adam's chest looks quite bruised at first glance so he might be bit sore for the next few days.

A couple of minutes after they brought him back to the room his legs started moving a lot, as though he was trying to scratch. I asked him if they were itchy and he said that it wasn't him moving them... the anaesthetist said this involuntary movement is a common thing after surgery and asked Richard and I to leave the room while they sorted him out.

This they duly did and after a while he was left to sleep with me on patient watch. He sat up once, looking a bit startled, checked his legs were still attached(I guess they are a bit numb from the relaxant they gave him) and when I reassured him they were, he went back to sleep.

Will write more when he's awake. Thanks for all the emails and messages... it makes the wobbly moments much less wobbly.


TDF said...

Hi Jenny,

Now's your chance to get him back for all the worry he's caused. And best of all - the bruising won't show ;-).

Glad to hear he's back.


Kerrio said...

Actually - given that he is NEVER still... now is your chance to poaint his toenails!

Glad all went well - give him a snog from me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
Glad to hear that all went well...Craig wants pictures, just like the ones of Dad after his op.......nice.......!!!
Lots love C, C & A xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Well, not only his toenails! Hah!

Glad it is all over - Jenny, go and have a steak and a bottle of vino.


J & T
x x