Sunday, 22 July 2007

Testing, testing......

Just had The Doc in to check out the programming of the ICD thingy, all went well. Fascinating technology! He explained a few more things to me as well which all helps to put my mind at rest, mobile phones, microwave ovens etc are fine, there are two things I will never be able to do again:

1.go through airport metal detectors, I will be given a special card to get around them
2.have any kind of MRI scan, I can't say I am overly upset about that, one of them is quite enough in a lifetime!

Been for a walk around again this morning with the physio, I am really starting to feel like normal again now, can hardly feel the implant.

I just finished Sunday lunch which was excellent, the food here really isn't too bad, although it can get a bit samey. At least I am getting it now!


Kerrio said...

You have a consultant who does his rounds in a leather jacket? How cool is that!

Snogs etc


Stu Doyle said...

g'day Adam
Just heard about the near miss - sounds like you were very lucky
I sent an email to your horizon a/c is this still current??
All the best from Aus
Amara & Stu

Anonymous said...

I particularly like the nipple clamps!!