Tuesday, 24 July 2007

More of the same.

Well I am stuck in hospital for at least another day and probably until Friday. The air bubble has still not been absorbed and they cannot let me go until it has. Having more physio and doing breathing exercises, also on Oxygen now to help it get absorbed... At least I have got Señor Potter and his compañeros to pass the time.

There goes the steak and sushi. To cap it all I didn't get any breakfast this morning because I was away getting an X-Ray... This isn't funny anymore!


Anonymous said...

Bugger Bugger Bugger !

claudy said...

So this week you will mostly be wearing oxygen masks and fluffy slippers! Which is nice!

Does that mean a Saturday return home is looking dodgy?

Take care

Claudy xx

Anonymous said...

Looks more like I am going to have to do you that steak and wine afterall.

Jan & Jim xxxx

Kerrio said...

Accio steak!!!!!!!!!!!

(bit of a bummer really...)

Can't you get Paicey or Jenny to smuggle something in for you?

nm said...

I would be dying for another book! Hope they can get you another blockbuster as well.


Anonymous said...

those tubes on yer face makes it look like you've got a flip-top head xx Lisa n Steve