Friday, 20 July 2007

One small step.

Woohoo, I have finally been allowed out of bed and have been walking around. The nurses came in this afternoon to remove the dressing from my shoulder.

And this is what it looks like, the circle on my right is a burn from the defibrillator pads. (Paicey this pic is for you, sorry the scar is not longer!)

Immediately after that Dr Montagne came to see me again to check out the damage then got a physio to take me for a walk around for 10 minutes, it felt amazing to be properly on my feet again. Two weeks is a bloody long time to be lying down. We only did a few laps of the ward but it was great to see a different view as well. It would appear that I am the youngest in here by about 30 years! Check out the stylish footwear, will post a close up at a later date for the foot fetishists out there!

Most importantly of all I was allowed to take supper sitting a chair!


sally and David McEwen said...

still doesn't look like steak and wine!!
Well done both of you

Kerrio said...

Hey Chaey - You're UP!


Champagne & Caviar Time!

Anonymous said...

So pleased all went well. Lovely legs! She had you cornered in that wee dunny by the look of it. Will you still be able to shout on parade??


J & T, Scotland

Anonymous said...

ON YOUR FEET, SOLDIER! Great to see you mobile again, next pics from a posh eatery in Provedencia no doubt.

Love from

Ben & Clare

Anonymous said...

glad to see you're up and about now. archie just saw your picture and said "ahum ahum ahum ahum ahum ahum ahum" he must be missing you!
hurry home. c, c & a xxxxxxx