Thursday, 26 July 2007

I'm free

Well that's it; I'm out. After 20 days in hospital I am finally 'de Alta' as the Chileans so foppishly call it. Just having a last coffee with Celia in the hospital before we go.

I cannot praise the hospital here enough, they have been simply amazing and I know I have already said it but thanks again to everyone at KEMH for looking after me so well when I was there. I am now marking time until my lung reinflates properly, I am allowed to lead a normalish life while here, no bloody skiing though and need to keep the alcohol intake well below normal Benny levels....

Forgot to mention that Jenny stayed the night in the hospital on Tuesday night, they have sofa beds in the rooms and are happy for family to stay, so that was a nice. I was still hooked up to a heart monitor though so no funny stuff!

And this has to be a good sign, I put on my usual random day of the week socks, and would you believe it they are the right ones for today!

Sushi time!


General Jackson said...

Glad to see that you are out!! Jenny and Paicey can have those steaks for lunch!

Keep getting better Luca is missing you!

Anonymous said...

Wooooo hoooooooooo !!!
C & A xxx

Kerrio said...


blimey - been a while... what's your next escapade going to be? Can we have warning?

Snogs etc

Kerrio in soggy berkshire

Anonymous said...

Excellent news! Enjoy the raw fish and keep working on the bubbles.

Love from

Ben, Clare, Monty and Boom

(Boom is Clares huntaway pup in case you did'nt already know)

Anonymous said...

Excellent news!

Take care, hope you get home soon.


Fairly Dry Scotland