Thursday, 26 July 2007

Sushi, steak and a virgin.

I am finally out and about and am my own boss again. Have made the most of it today, started off with a nice load of sushi...

Went up Cerro San Cristobal and had a look at the statue of the Virgin Mary up there (Paicey went up the last bit by himself... see if you can spot him!)

Met up with Bettsie in the evening and had the best steak I have had in ages... truly amazing...

It has been a big day and I feel quite exhausted. Really looking forward to a night in a bed with no wires or tubes attached now...


Kerrio said...

That is a very large steak.......

Hope you had a good first night of freedom!

snogs etc

Anonymous said...

hooray for freedom and steak and you gettin out xxx lisa steve

Anonymous said...

Looks like an nice elegant pile of sushi, washed down with.... Heiniken! hooray for the Falklands touch.

Love from

Ben & Clare

PS. why are you dining with the guy from the Matrix?

claudy said...

Jen - I hope you were gentle with him!

love Claudy

Anonymous said...

the photo of you guys having sushi is just teasing.... b*****ds !!!
really please though that you're finally free. disfrutar todo !!!
Corrinne. xxx

Anonymous said...

Sooooo glad you got out and look like you are really enjoying your sushi and steak.

take care both of you

Jan & Jim xxx

Paul said...

Dear Adam,

Hi from the UK - really sorry to hear about the old heart (too much yelling and swearing on parade in my opinion!!!) Hope you continue to recover and best wishes to you and Jennie. Get well soon!


Paul, Maxine, Jonty and Adam Sweeting