Friday, 13 July 2007

In Santiago

In Clinica Alemana, have had angiogram, echocardiogram, multiple ECGs, brain scan, blood tests. Angiogram was all clear, echo showed possible problem, am now waiting for an MRI scanner to be free. Will post a load more detail later....

All is good, but am on nil by mouth so effing hungry. Got an electric bed though so that makes up for it!


Kerrio said...

bed makes up for being HUNGRY???

No way Chey!

Snogs etc


Giles Knap said...


Confined to hospital but still keeps on blogging! What a guy!

We are almost but not quite on the same continent as you, so would pop in but expect you'll be discharged by the time we get there.

Get better soon.

Love giles and Natasha

Benco said...

just about to sit down for roast lamb, roast potatoes all the trim.... whats that? nil by mouth?.. guess I'll stop talking about that.

Good luck with finding the MRI scanner that works.

Love from

Ben & Clare

(PS... and chocolate fudge pudding with cream)

Caroline said...

Hello Adam from Dorset - Poor old you. Sounds rather like Tony Blair's problem a while back. But don't blame it on Jenny; she is a lot better looking than Cherie!
Our love to you and Jenny - Caroline (Hugh's mum) and Alastair

claudy said...

Hi che's

Good to see that you guys are in your normal high spirits. Keep your pecker up (with all those nurses - that won't be difficult!!!)

Mars sends her love.

love to you both
Claudy and Mal

simon said...


This blog is much better than any Harry Potter book!

Get well soon dude.

Robbo esq