Saturday, 28 July 2007

Gee gees...

Had a great couple of hours at the track, we stayed for about six races. Raymond had even bought a hat for the event!

My horse came in at 26:1, I had 2000 pesos on it so that was supper paid for.. Raymond and Heather had both bet on the same horse, Heather had 5000 running on it so had a really good win! That is the winning horse behind us.

Highlight/hariest moment of evening was Heather walking towards us waving her cash which resulted in us being mobbed by hordes of begging kids! Nancy soon got rid of them though with a few choice words in Spanish!

Said goodbye to Paicey today, it has been great to have him over here for the last week, a real morale booster, very sad to see him go...

Have just been for an X-Ray and the pneumothorax is still there but it has shrunk significantly, am booked in for another x-ray on Tuesday, fingers crossed for then.

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