Saturday, 21 July 2007

It was a slow day.

A nice quiet day today, spent most of the day waiting to move out of the coronary unit and into a normal room. Had a couple of walks around with a physio called Maria Theresa who will be familiar to a lot of people back home.

Finally moved to my new room during supper and was gobsmacked, it is like a hotel! The toilet alone would put lot of hotels I have stayed in to shame, mind you I am not sure I would like to be paying the day rate here! (thanks FIG!).

It's been a very wet day here and there is snow lying really low down on the mountains. Jenny got absolutely soaked waiting for a taxi, as typically today was the day she had to change hotels. Apparently most of the hotels are full of Brazilian skiers at the moment, I wonder when the Brazilian volleyball team gets here.....


Kerrio said...

Ooo is that last one the view from your new window? Nice!

Adam, that's two loo shots you have posted... is this turning into a fetish? And speaking of fetishes you promised us some pics of your natty footwear.

Hugs etc

Anonymous said...

are they giving you intraveanous steak and wine?
Sally and David