Friday, 27 July 2007

Taking it easy.

Having another quietish day today, just mooching around Parque Arauco and enjoying being out and about in the sun. Went bowling this morning, that is about as energetic as I can get sports-wise at the moment!

The internet connection at our hotel is poo and very expensive so the updates will be a bit more infrequent from now on. Starbucks hot spot will probably be our connection of choice henceforth, why pay when you can get it free?

Off to see the gee gees with Heather and Snoozer, the Pooles and Rosie tonight. A bit of gentle gambling should be ok, have to watch the adrenalin though (Doctor's orders!)...


sally and david said...

Hope you didn't win any money - that would excite you too much. And the wine?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the gee-gees, hope you win squillions of pesos so Jenny can stock up on fabulous Chilean shoes and boots.