Monday, 16 July 2007

Another day in paradise.

It's Monday, a public holiday in Chile and it's raining.... So unsuprisingly there is not a hell of a lot to report. A Doc has just been in to check how things are and is sure I will be getting my MRI scan tomorrow at 11am, hope it is worth the wait

Still connected up to monitors and am not allowed to get out of bed without a nurse present. It is getting rather tiresome having to ring the bell everytime I need a pee and I haven't seen outside my room since Saturday morning...

It has been great to receive all the emails and comments, it really helps to relieve the boredom and it is nice to know people are thinking of us.

Oh and apparently there was a small explosion outside the British Embassy here last night. Nothing to do with me chey, I was in here all along!


Sue said...

Hmm I find it extremely hard to believe that recent events are purely coincidental. Let's look at the facts:

* Known incendiary Adam Cockwell arrives in Santiago.
* Things start blowing up.

Sounds most suspicious to me. Sure you weren't trying to impress that pretty nurse, hm? I can see the scene now: "What do you mean you don't like my nightie? Wait til you see what I can do with some explosives and a match."

Case closed, che.

Good luck tomorrow....
Gue x

Kerrio said...

I agree with Sue... Let us cast our minds back to the engagement of Adam and Jenny, and the incident with the thunderflash.

It's a Cockwell thing isn't it? where Adam goes, fire and explosions are soon to follow...

Now about that nightie.... you could be starting a new trend!

Hugs etc

the jamiesons.

nm said...

get well soon.

ernest che basset

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Uncle Abum with the MRI, tin kin of ya.
Lots love
Archie xxxx

Roddy said...

"Everything is pretty hazy from the procedure… they inserted the electrodes and played around with the rhythm of my heart for a while"

What, the Rod Stewart song??