Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The end is nigh....

The light is back on.

Just been visited by my consultant who outlined the seriousness of the problem I have, a VERY scary discussion. Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia it is known as, first thing he said was it is extremely rare and most common in Italians, not sure what to make of that! Apparently these sudden deaths you hear about in sportspeople - just dropping dead on the pitch - are frequently caused by this problem. This startling news made me feel very lucky to be alive. He also said I was very very lucky to have been in the KEMH as they gave me exactly the right treatment and almost certainly saved my life.....Thanks guys!

He said it cannot be reliably treated with drugs and the only real solution (other than just hoping I am near a hospital if it happens again) is the implant I wrote about before.

The upshot of it all is the op is on for Midday tomorrow (Thursday), with a view to being out and about on Monday but we will just wait and see.

Once again it has been great to get all the messages and comments, thanks. Great to have a visit from Ian Betts who arrived from the UK (and Bisley) this morning.

P.S. This week I 'ave mostly been eatin' bread and ham (and a LOT of water!!) ! Bring on the steak!


Anonymous said...

It has been rumoured that your Great Grandmother Cockwell was Spanish! Perhaps she was Italian!

Next week you must mostly eat spaghetti!

Keep smiling


Kerrio said...

Hey - you speak a bit of Spanish, converting to eye-tie won't be hard.

Good luck for today - hope you wake up with a pretty nurse holding your hand!

Anonymous said...

good luck with the op playing with the anaesthetist's equipment ! xxx craig, corrinne & archie parchie xxx

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Adam for today. Jen make the best of having him right where you want him!!
Hope to see you home soon

Prill, Owen and Jordan xx

TDF said...

Hey Adam,

Look on the bright side. This is now your chance to become world tiddly winks champion.

Take care, and practice sitting VERY STILL from now on, maybe with a (light)beer in your hand ;-)

Anonymous said...

Like the nightie thingy.

Will we be able to track you by satelite when the doodah is fitted? Expect it is like a cat chip really.

Rooting for you, good luck.

J & T, Scotlasnd