Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Bionic Man.

Following on from last night's information, the Doctor has just been in to confirm (KEMH willing) that they are going to be fitting an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator this evening. Basically it is a device a bit like a pacemaker which monitors the heart and zaps it if it starts misbehaving. When they put it in they are going to test that it works by doing what they did yesterday again and seeing if it stops the problem. This is all going to be done under General Aneathestic (thank God!!)

This is what one of the doofers looks like:

The op isn't until this evening so managed to get a breakfast in this morning, just as well as I was bloody starving again! In the end I went 22 hours without food yesterday and was not looking forward to doing it again today...

Feel a bit violated following a bed bath by the scariest nurse I have ever met... My boundaries of decency have been stretched to the limits after she decided to carry out the whole procedure with the door wide open, to cap it all the mad old bird muttered to herself the whole time as well!


Anonymous said...

Adam what was the mad old bird muttering about?

Better still, Hey everybody, what was the mad old bird muttering about Adam?
Answers on the back of a postcard,
Winner gets his/her lawn cleaned of dog poo for a week


claudy said...

There is a method to the madness - scary mad old birds undertake the bed baths on young men to avoid any embarrassing reactions by "your wee fella".

Good Luck tonight.

Claudy xx

Anonymous said...

That's a frigging cigarette lighter for a pigme - don't let them fob you off with that. Tom

Anonymous said...

Apparently she was repeatedly saying "muy pequeno". Tom

Anonymous said...

Why is it engraved - who the hell's going to see that? Or do they put a window in so everyone can see it. Just imagine "hey, that prat hasn't got anything engraved on his heart thing - its just a plain boring heart thing". Good job they engraved it then. Tom

Kerrio said...

that measure on the right...

is that inches or cm? Or feet?


Kerrio said...

Is it my imagination or does that engraving read "Vitailty AVT"

Reminds me of my spam folder.

nm said...


I like what Kerrio said, it does exactly that.

Get well soon the dogs need you home.

nm and the ernester

TDF said...

Scarey old mad bird (who else is gonna wash 'Mr Happy' ?) humming :

mmm mmmm mm m!

Ewwwwww. Chicken skin.

Enjoy !!! :-D