Monday, 23 July 2007

Blowing bubbles.

Well, I am stuck in hospital for another day. Unfortunately I still have a little bubble of air in the chest cavity left over from the operation. This is not really serious but they want to make sure that it is all gone before they let me go. Been getting X-Rays every morning to check on it so fingers crossed for the one tomorrow morning.

The good news is that Paicey has just tracked down an English language copy of the latest Harry Potter book so that is this evening taken care of.

Steak or sushi... not sure which to go for tomorrow, I reckon sushi for lunch and steak for supper......


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed on no gas in the morning!!

Recommend the Cuerovaca for the Steak - 1659 Vitacura. Reservations on 2063911


Jan & Jim

Anonymous said...

Glad all is going well. Only one air bubble.......wait till you get to our age!


J & T

Kerrio said...

What do you mean steak OR sushi?

Steak AND sushi!
Keep blowing those bubbles away!


claudy said...

Always knew you were full of wind!!
Seriously hope it all passes soon and you can get out and about and enjoy a little bit of Santiago.

Good to see your Dad in fine health. What a family eh!

Claudy xx