Sunday, 12 August 2007

Home again

We are now back at home after a pretty uneventful flight back from Santiago. The 04:15 start was a bit scary but other than that it was all fine.

We got back to be met by a welcoming party at the house and then discovered that last week the boiler had thrown a fit and flooded the attic! The ceiling in the sitting room had come down and there was a hell of a mess. Poor Nuala had walked in to check on the cat to be met by a wall of steam and water pouring out of the ceiling, she promptly called Debbie (god knows why!!)

Then the cavalry was called and a load of our friends turned up and fixed EVERYTHING... Corrinne and Dad took away all the linen which had been soaked in dirty water and washed the lot. Pecker, Paicey, Sam and Tom fixed the ceiling with Nuala, Corrinne, Larissa and Debs tidying up behind them (no mean task!). They managed to keep it a secret from us, so when we turned up on Saturday it was almost as if nothing had happened, a truly amazing achievement!

And this is what it looks like now!

A huge thank you to everyone involved, it was a herculean effort and I shudder to think how it would have felt to have been faced by that on our return! It's great to be back, the animals seemed to be very happy to see us.

Hoping to get back to some form of normality now...


Anonymous said...

A well kept secret!

Welcome home and NO sledging!


Joan and Terry
Scotland (Raining)

Dom said...

OOh blimey
Sorry for all the ticker probs. Glad to see you are smiling again.
Love to you n Jenny from Dom and boys