Monday, 10 December 2007


We are back in Santiago, it is time for me to have my first set of checkups since the operation back in July. Have just been in to see Dr Montagne who plugged me into his fancy laptop and downloaded the info from the ICD. Apparently everything is OK, nothing wrong apart from the obvious!

I now have a cleanish bill of health for another six months.

The weather here is fantastic, sun shining and temps between high 20s low 30s, much better than the snow and ice we had on our last visit! We have had Debbie with us for these first couple of days, on her way to NZ.

Going to make the most of the sunshine for the next few days now... The weather at home is apparently utter crap so intend to get a suntan while I can!

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, make the most of the sun - we had a bit of snow falling this morning - I have now seen snow in December. So has the ICD been doing anything at all or just sitting there bedding into your flesh and becoming one with your body? Tom