Thursday, 2 August 2007

Independence day

We have now moved into a little apartment, quite a cute little place and it has a kitchen so at least it allows us to rustle up some of our own food.

Went for an XRay this morning and the pneumothorax has almost entirely gone, I will be having a, hopefully final, XRay on Tuesday to confirm that I will be OK to fly on Saturday 11th.

Still been taking it easy and trying to find things to pass the time up here. We went bowling with Rosie and Will (a friend of hers from teaching) this morning which was fun; my average is gradually creeping up, but still very poo! I just can't seem to pick up the spares...

Having an early night in our new casa - Jenny's not feeling 100% so good chance to recharge batteries. Tom, Larissa and Laura are due to arrive from Gibraltar tomorrow morning and we're looking forward to spending the day with them. Laura will be so different - we haven't seen her since the end of May!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice pad, good news about the shrinking bubble and I hope Jenny is feeling better soon.

Love From

Ben, Clare, Monty & Boom

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you in your new pad.

So Jenny is up to her old travelling tricks again, typical of my little sister, dosn't like seeing somebody else getting the attention and sympathy.

Keep working on the bowling average, watch the heart/airpocket & the stones,

Take care "both" of you

Paicey xx

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!