Saturday, 4 August 2007

Reminders of Home.

Jenny is now feeling fine again, the drugs the hospital sorted out for her seem to be doing the trick and she is almost back to normal, albeit a bit tender still.

Had a lovely meal out with Tom, Larissa, Laura (who was very quiet) and Rosie last night, went to a Mongolian restaurant (the type where the chef cooks on the table in front of you) which was fantastic. The chef took a real shine to Rosie, to the extent of making a special rice heart for her, not sure Rosie was so taken with him though, apparently his hands were too small whatever that means!

We went to a rather bizarre Falklands War exhibit in the military museum here in Santiago today. It had a neutral view of the sovereignty issue which was nice to see and they also had a copy of the 25th anniversary PN which pleased Jenny!!!

Then to top it all off we had our first home cooked meal in over a month, nice and simple...

In the blurb for this place it says the rooms are fitted with an "American" kitchen...... what the hell is that? Answers on a postcard, a free Häagen-Dazs pot to the first correct (or most imaginative) answer...


Anonymous said...

American kitchens? They have ginormous fridges with ice making machines.

Will collect prize on return home!

Can't see if you had beans or spaghetti.


J & T

Kerrio said...

American kitchen? Ice maker in the freezer and no kettle.

Glad Jenny is feeling better!


Anonymous said...

No ice maker - too loud
Fridge with bottom freezer for easy basset investigation. Marrow bones in freezer.
Bed in corner for basset to watch goings on.
Big sink for washing up pots and pans after yummy experiments.

[okay the cliche would be: big fridge with icemaker and running cold water, dishwasher, microwave and raised eating counter/homework doing location, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances]

Ernest (who has no icemaker or microwave, but does have a kettle)

Anonymous said...

The American Kitchen has a deep fat fryer with an internet connection, if you try to cook "French" fries it will automatically contact the watch it, mister!

Love from

Ben & Clare

claudy said...

Hi guys

Glad you are both on the mend - just need to sort Father out now!

I hope you make the Saturday flight - I won't see you as I am heading off on airbridge but will catch up when we get back. Mars and I will have a drink to you both!!!!!

Take care
Claudy xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

It's very simple really American Kitchen just means cupboard with a microwave and deepfat fryer, load of junk really !!!!

Glad you are better Jenny you just wanted to try out those comfy beds in the Clinic.

Looking forward to seeing you both .
Take care
Jan & Jim

Anonymous said...

Storage for take-away menu only
Steel Reinforced seating
Gun cabinet
Framed poster of Tom Cruise and Katie
Part burned Iraqi flag

love lisa xxx - c u on Friday

nm said...

This is so not funny.

US kitchens do not have deep fat fryers.

We typically have larger fridges and no washing machine in our kitchens, other than that, things are pretty much the same.

ernest's mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam and Jenny,
Mum and Dad delivered the news Adam was not well when they arrived here but they were not sure what the current situation was - and then today we got an e-mail from Susie Hansen for Mum with the link to the blog - so we are more or less fully up to date! Glad to see you are maintaining an upbeat approach to the whole thing and Mum and I had a good laugh at the way the blog is written (though the medical staff perhaps need to spend less time on the heart and check out the head!). Sorry also to hear Jenny not well at one point. Anyway, keep the pecker up (though that might bring on another "episode"), we are all thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.
Love from us all, Paul, Donnah, Thomas, Daniel, Tim & Sally Blake in the Bahamas.

Tweed said...

Sitting in an American kitchen right now !

- big fridge/freezer
- microwave ovens mounted over the hob with integrated extractor fan seem to be common
- as somebody mentioned raised breakfast bar thing on the back of the main counter (also works as splash back and room divider)
- coffee machine (no kettle is correct LOL)
- dishwasher
- fridge must contain Gatorade!
- some evidence discarded diet plans ;)
- no gas hobs, inefficient electric rings to help with global warming
- sound of airconditioning on full cause it's 100 F outside
- numerous wine bottles some of which are empty, hmmm that explains the thirst!

Anonymous said...

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