Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Could this day get any better? Just after getting the all clear from the hospital we popped into a cinema we happened to be passing and wonder of wonders they had The Simpsons movie in English!!! So that was two hours taken care of.... WOOHOOO!

(Never forget the inner child.)


Anonymous said...

Adam / Jenny
Hughie passed on ur blog. Blimey, what a time you have both had. Really glad that you are on the mend and I'm sure Saturday can't come soon enough!
All the best and love to you both,
Ben & Lucy (Stephens)
P.S. Stick to Cool Boarders on PS2 from now on!

General Jackson said...

can't wait to see what happened on the sofa!! Where is the next picture?

See you Saturday


Dad, Sam

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam/Jenny

conio! the things people will do to get a blog going....

adam-glad to see you're on your way home...

as they say in my part of the world 'que te alivies pisha!'

take care,

stu and ian x

(the other gibraltarian)

ps no more hospital gown photos please as they're too sexy..... grrrr........